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Small Groups

To join one of our awesome small group,

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As soon as a person Joins the Phillips Hartford your immediately assigned to a small group, These 12 biblically based smalls groups are designed to connect you with a community of believers at different stages of their  faith journey in a effort to build community and keep everyone updated on the latest church information. 


CONNECT GROUPS (Discuss Worship)

These groups serve as virtual "church lobby", designed to give members the opportunity to discuss the impact of the most recent worship experience and sermon. These groups meet weekly at various convenient times for the members of each group. 


PEACE PODS (Small Groups cultivated by Commonality) 

Are you a baker, single parent or you crochet? These groups are designed to connect members who share common hobbies or life experience. Through commonality we build community and become family. 


This group is built around a love for reading and dialogue. Each season this group engages in a page turner and meets for dialogue each week to discuss their readings. If. you love to read, this group is for you!


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